Samsung and RSI PLANO, TEXAS

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My Samsung Galaxy s3 stopped charging three months after I bought it.I took it to RSI and they repaired the charging port under warranty.

4 months later the phone stopped charging again because the charging port is no longer connected to the mother board. But they say it is my fault and refuse to repair it! When they are the ones who put a new charging port in!

I called Samsung customer support and they told me the repair shop has the last word and that they can't do anything for me.Wow I was going to upgrade to the Samsung S4, but on second thought I can't afford to repair a cell phone every three months.

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I filed a complaint against this company with the federal trades commission.What happened was I called on the phone as they had a supposed special buy the first on for $10.99 get the second for $4.99 so they got my credit card information then asked what color and when I pressed 1 for the red wallet, it told me it had to be a minimum of three items so I tried to cancel the order as I didn't want 3.

I was unable to cancel my order or even get off the phone as it kept prompting me to buy more *** which I kept saying no to. Finally after about a half hour of *** hoping at the end of all the *** they would give me the opportunity to cancel. I couldn't. I tried to call the next day to cancel but couldn't even get a live person unless I wanted to order again which I did not want, I wanted to cancel.

I called for 3 days and kept getting the same recording due to heavy orders they could not get my call. The next thing I know they charged my card for $33.98 so I pretended I wanted to purchase something finally got a live person and they would not assist me, they kept telling me to call the other number which there was no live person to talk to. I finally gave up after 4 days, called my bank and disputed the charge and got my money back.

I still have not gotten my order and if it does come am going to simply refuse the package.To add insult to injury, when I checked the email order status site, it wasn't even for the red wallets, it was for silver and back ones.

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You did the correct thing by disputing the charge. If you do get a package, just write on the label "refused, return to sender." Either give it to the mailman like that or just take to a local post office.

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